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04th Jul 2017

Motorists Warned After Latest Car Insurance Scam


Irish motorists have been warned that bogus motor insurance brokers are doing door to door calls in a new scam.

The Irish Independent reports that the scammers claim they can arrange discounted cover, and come armed with laptop in hand.

The policies they offer however are invalid because they simply make up the details when they buy policies from insurance companies.

They are charging people up to €300 and then leaving drivers with no cover – and really out of pocket.

These new “insurance sharks also operate online and in pop-up shops, and mainly target younger people.

It’s understood that one scam broker alone has sold more than 100 invalid policies in the Dublin area and is due to be arrested.

Well known insurer Liberty has warned drivers to be on the look-out for people claiming to be brokers, but who aren’t authorised by the Central Bank.

One key part of the scam is the fake broker claiming they can create a five-year no-claims bonus.

A spokeswoman for Liberty Insurance told the Irish Independent: “In the past 12 months alone, we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of ghost brokers, including one who has already provided in excess of 100 quotes to unsuspecting motorists.”

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