If You've Been Sharing Your Netflix Password With Your Mates You Could Soon Be In Big Trouble

This doesn't sound good

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If you’ve been sharing your friend's Netflix password for as long as you can remember, you might find yourself in a bit of trouble in the near future.

It did seem a bit too good to be true that anyone could just use another person’s login details and not even be in the same house, and it looks like Netflix could soon start to crack down and even close people's accounts.

A recent survey found that around a quarter of millennials share their login details and by 2021, it could account for up to €8.6 billion in losses for streaming companies.

But who wouldn’t rather save a bit of money every month when it’s so easy to share the same Netflix account with your pals?

The bad news is that a British company called Synamedia has revealed how it uses AI to catch out people using shared passwords and accounts and can then report back to streaming services like HBO and Netflix.

Speaking at the CES tech conference, Jean Marc Racine, Chief Product Officer at Synamedia, said, “Casual credentials sharing is becoming too expensive to ignore.

"Our new solution gives operators the ability to take action. Many casual users will be happy to pay an additional fee for a premium, shared service.

"It’s a great way to keep honest people honest while benefiting from an incremental revenue stream.”

The good news is that they’re still in the trial stages with a number of streaming companies and it hasn't been rolled out just yet, so keep bingeing those shows while you still can...

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