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30th Nov 2018

This Is How Many Times Women Were ‘Groped’ In A Nightclub While Wearing A ‘Smart Dress’

Darragh Berry

This makes for very hard reading.

A ‘Smart Dress’ experiment in Brazil found that three women were groped in a nightclub over 100 times.

Over the space of four hours, they were touched inappropriately 157 times in total.

The dresses had sensors which logged where and when women were touched on a night out.

They worked with the nightclub to match the data up with CCTV footage which shows the women being touched on their arms, back and even the bum.

A study conducted in Australia found that “Men engage in this conduct – such as groping, grabbing, and pinching a person on the buttocks – far more than women.”

They found that women were keen to avoid nightclubs because they didn’t want to have to tolerate another night of the “grab, grope and grind” culture.

However, they found that when the act was reversed, most men were welcoming of ‘groping’ by the opposite sex in nightclubs

“They, the men, do not see the behaviour as a threat – more as a [self-esteem boost].”

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