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30th Aug 2018

Parents Warned About Sharing Back-To-School Photos Online

James Fenton

CyberSafeIreland advised parents to consider the potential consequences of sharing photos of their children starting or going back to school over the coming days.

CEO Alex Cooney told the Irish Independent that not only are some parents sharing their child’s name, they are also sharing other personal information like where they go to school and how old they are.

She said:

“Thinking about what you are sharing in that photograph, you’re often sharing a name but also how old your child is, because it might be the first day of school.

“You’re revealing where they go to school, and consequently, where you live.

“If you haven’t turned off your geo-location settings, you could be revealing exactly where you live.

“That’s a lot of information to be putting out in the public domain.”

She added that parents should be wary of creating a digital footprint which may affect their child in the future.

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