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08th Feb 2020

People are pronouncing Storm Ciara all wrong and Irish people are not having it

James Fenton

Storm Ciara is due to land this weekend and while it’s important to prepare for her arrival, there’s a bit of a side issue that’s getting people hot under the collar.

With Ciara being an Irish name, there’s relatively no problems on these shores with its pronunciation. Sure if you didn’t have a Ciara in your class in primary school, you may as well hand in your passport now because nobody will believe you ever lived here.

Away from Ireland though, it seems weather reporters and news anchors are having some trouble saying the words ‘Storm Ciara’, with the likes of ‘Kee-ara’, ‘See-ara’ and even ‘See-air-a’ already getting an airing.

As is usually the case when other nationalities mangle the pronunciation of our names, Irish people are taking extreme action. That’s right, we’ve taken to Twitter and we won’t stop until they get this right….

The debate is even crossing the Atlantic, in the opposite direction to Storm Ciara mind, with the USA Daily Express offering readers a handy guide under the headline ‘UK’s named storm leaves public baffled’, which you can read here.

A handy tip is to remember it’s Ciara like Keira Knightley and not Ciara like the mid-2000s R&B singer who was famed for her 1,2 Step. Let’s hope they get this right before Storm Ciara makes landfall later today.