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25th May 2020

People are sharing their #RepealMemories on two year anniversary of the referendum

Brian Dillon

People have been sharing their #RepealMemories on social media on the two year anniversary of the referendum.

One Twitter user shared photos of post-it notes in Temple Bar the day after the referendum took place.

Meanwhile, Women’s Council Ireland shared their memories on Twitter, writing, “Today marks the second anniversary of the day that 1,429,981 people voted to repeal the 8th Amendment and remove the constitutional ban on abortion in Ireland, allowing for abortions for all who need and want them. Here’s a tiny selection of NWCI’s #repealmemories #repealedthe8th”

Another wrote, “I will never forget the moment it was officially announced that we had repealed the 8th! Crying with relief, it was a tough campaign and it took a lot out of me but I would do it all again.”

One person tweeted, “Two years today since the landslide vote to legalise abortion in Ireland, after years of lonely journeys made by thousands to access care, my own mum one of them.”

While another said, ”

On May 26 2018, it was announced at Dublin Castle that Ireland voted in favour of repealing the 8th Amendment. Apart from Donegal, every county came out with a majority Yes vote, resulting 66.4%  of people in Ireland voting in favour of repealing the 8th.

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