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17th Oct 2017

People Weren’t Happy With FIFA’s Northern Ireland Graphic Earlier

James Fenton

Both international football teams on this island can be fairly happy with the World Cup play-off draw in Zurich earlier today. 

The Republic were drawn against Denmark while their Northern Irish counterparts got plumped with Switzerland, both avoiding the relatively tougher tasks of facing Italy or Croatia next month for a place at Russia 2018. 

However, a number of onlookers took issue with a graphic used to represent Northern Ireland ahead of the draw. FIFA listed each of the nations involved in the English language as well as their native tongue, but let’s just say that football’s governing body didn’t exactly do its research. 

The words ‘Tuaisceart Éireann’ appeared next to Northern Ireland and it didn’t exactly go down well. 

We reckon they’ll be more careful in the future. 

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