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14th Jun 2018

Pete Taylor Will Have 24/7 Gardaí Protection After Release From Hospital


Armed gardaí are providing constant protection to Pete Taylor since he was discharged from hospital yesterday.

Two plainclothes gardaí accompanied him when he went for lunch at a popular Bray bar.

According to the Irish Mirror, the two gardaí are there to provide Taylor with “close protection” as they did they while he was in hospital, in an effort to prevent another attempt on the boxing trainer’s life.

Taylor was in St Vincent’s Hospital in Dublin following surgery to remove a bullet from his chest.

A source for the Irish Mirror said, “the intended target of the Bray hit was Pete Taylor but the guards believe that the threat is not over.”

“They have told Taylor that his life is still under threat and they have put armed plainclothes officers by his side.”

“They are now considering providing Taylor with full-time armed protection when he gets out of hospital.”

Bray Boxing Club

The gardaí believe the motive for the shooting was related to a dispute that Taylor may have had with a local in recent weeks.

There are fears that the threat originates from a Bray gang involved in the drug trade despite the victims having no connections to criminality.

Taylor has spoken of his heartbreak over the “devastating and senseless murder” of his friend, Robert Messet.

His daughter, Katie Taylor, released a statement asking people to refrain from mentioning her following the attack on her dad’s life.

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