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PIC: This Is The Kindest Chipper In Ireland

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We’ve all been there. 

You’re in bed dying of a cold or flu, fearing for your life and can barely move but you NEED meds. 

Your housemates are out, your parents are away, your bae has abandoned you for fear of getting contaminated – you’re well and truly alone

That trip to the pharmacy could be the last trip you ever take and you’re just not willing to die while handing over a tenner for a cough bottle and some painkillers. 

Well this chipper in Belfast went above and beyond after getting this cheeky request from a Just Eat customer: 

A cheeky request indeed, but we’ve all been there.

Desperate times = desperate measures. 

The chipper later commented this picture with the comment, ” only the best service here at Feeley’s, p.s. get well soon”.


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