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04th Mar 2019

PICS: Energizer Launches New Smartphone With A Battery That Lasts An Entire Week

Kiara Keane

Energizer has just revealed its hefty new smartphone and unsurprisingly, its appearance has got everyone talking.

Besides the fact that it’s fairly massive compared to your average smartphone (the thickness of about 3.5 iPhones to be specific), the battery reportedly lasts for an entire week between charges.

The Energizer Power Max P18K Pop comes with a built-in 18,000 MAh battery and manufacturer Avenir Telecom says it can continuously play videos for two days straight without it going dead.

In comparison, your average smartphone has a charge of around 2,500-3,500 MAh.

The phone also comes with three cameras, 128GB of storage and a 6.2-inch LCD display.

It’s expected to go on sale sometime this summer with a price tag in the region of €600.

It may not be as sleek as your Samsung Galaxy or iPhone but it sounds absolutely ideal for festival season if you ask us – there’s no chance of this one breaking or running out of charge.

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