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20th Dec 2016

PICS: Killer Whale Spotted Off The Coast Of Kerry


Free Willy lovers rejoice! There has been an extremely rare sighting of one of the ocean’s most sought-after mammals off the Coast of The Kingdom.

A troop of whale-watchers spotted the killer whale near Slea Head, near Corca Dhuibhne in southwest Kerry, on Monday.

The experts on the boat identified the mammal as an elderly whale who goes by the name of John Coe, a whale who is well known to whale-watchers around those parts.

Killer whales are actually virtually harmless to humans in the wild, though they have been known to become vicious while in captivity.

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This particular killer whale, or orca as they’re otherwise known, is believed to be in its twilight years, as John Coe was photographed for the very first time 33 years ago – and was an adult even then.

Easily recognised by the large notch on the base of the trailing edge of his dorsal fin, whale-waters of the area revel in spotting him again and again.

Orcas are only spotted once in a blue moon around Ireland, so catching a glimpse of one of these beautiful creatures in the wild is really something to feel special about!

PICS: Richard Creagh. H/T: Tralee Today

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