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17th Jul 2018

PICS: Parents Warned Of Chemical Levels In Children’s Toy Slime


Parents should be wary that some children’s slime products contain levels of chemicals that can cause diarrhoea, vomiting, cramps, and fertility issues, a UK consumer watchdog has said.

Slime and slime products which can be puchased online in Ireland as well as in shops are becoming increasingly popular with children.

The watchdog, ‘Which?’, has called for fundamental changes to the product safety system after it was found that the products contained high levels of boron.

Boron compounds can be found in mild antiseptics, eye drops, and washing powders while pure boron is found in borax which is a common ingredient in slime causing its stickiness.

According to The Sun, an EU directive says no more than 300mg per kg of boron should be found in liquid or sticky products.

Slime 12

Which? found that eight out of eleven slime products tested exceeded this limit. Long term exposure can cause harm to an unborn baby and fertility, according to the European Commission.

Jupiter Juice was found to contains four times more boron than the limit.

CCINEE Pink Fluffy Slime contains more than 1000mg/kg and Cosoro Dodolu Crystal Slime Magic Clay, contains 980mg/kg.

Slime that exceeded safe limits of boron

Slime Test 1

Photo credit: Which?

Slime Test 2

Photo credit: Which?

Nikki Stopford, Director of Research and Publishing at Which?, said: “If you have school-age kids you’re probably very well aware of the latest slime craze sweeping the playgrounds. Kids love it.

“Parents buying slime for their children should have peace of mind that these toys are safe, so they will be shocked to find that the health of their children could be put at risk by these slimes.”

Slime with safe levels of boron

Slime Test 3

Photo credit: Which?

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