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19th Jun 2017

PICS: This Beach Was Left Covered In Rubbish, Bottles, And Dirty Nappies Yesterday


It was an absolutely glorious weekend by all accounts: the weather was like the south of France, BBQ’s were smoking away, kids (and big kids) were splashing in the sea and many a chilled beer was had with friends.

It was the kinda weekend that made everyone say “can you imagine what Ireland would be like if we had this weather all the time?”

But unfortunately, it seems that some people lost the run of themselves all together.

Carrig News posted photos taken by local man Howard Crowdy of Myrtleville Beach in Cork that show the aboslute disgraceful state the area was left in over the weekend.

Broken glass was all over the sand, dirty nappies, rubbish, clothes and cans were left discarded – some not even anywhere near the already overflowing bins.

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Is it so hard to take your rubbish home with you guys? Lack of bins seems to be a problem, but that’s no excuse for dumping your rubbish all over the beach.

Let’s hope people have a bit more respect for our lovely beaches the next sunny weekend.

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