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A ‘Pink Moon’ Will Be Visible Over Ireland On Friday Night

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April’s full moon, otherwise known as the annual ‘pink moon’, will be visible over Irish skies on Good Friday.

But this doesn’t actually mean the moon will be turning pink – it’s more likely to be a shade of pale orange.

It could also appear to be a yellow or red colour depending on the atmospheric conditions as the moon rises over the horizon.

The ‘pink moon’ will reach its peak at 12.12pm on Friday and will be at its most visible over Ireland at around 8.05pm that night, so keep your eyes peeled.

The name refers to the fact that it coincides with the blooming of the ‘moss pink’ phlox wildflower which used to indicate the start of spring.

Other common nicknames for April’s full moon include ‘sprouting grass moon’, ‘egg Moon’ and ‘fish moon’.

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