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28th Sep 2018

PIC: Police In Northern Ireland Had “Human Excrement” Thrown At Them Yesterday

Darragh Berry

We’ve heard about the shit hitting the fan but what about when the shit hits the van.

Well, that’s what this police force experienced in Foyle on Thursday and somehow they managed to see the funny side to it.

Taking to Facebook, they said:

“You thought you had a [poo emoji] day!

“Spare a thought for LPT3 who got actual Human Excrement thrown at them in the Creggan. I mean – what’s going on?!?

“I’m trying to think of what youth picked all that stuff up & threw it What did the parents say “Hey Fred, you’re smelling a bit funky, were you out excavating crap from the sewer again? Go have a bath”. The mind boggles.

“These youths need to think about what service they want: ‘sorry we can’t deal with the people robbing your Granny because people are throwing faeces everywhere.’

“#PooliceService #MustHaveBeenABadCurry #SmellYouLater”

We love the hashtags in fairness.

Some of the comments on the photo are from people saying “pity the window wasn’t open” or “pity you weren’t standing outside the van,” which is cruel enough.

Seriously, you think these police don’t have enough shit to put up with, without your comments.

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