New Politics: The Dáil Was 40 Minutes Late Starting Today, As Only 16 TDs Of 158 Showed Up

And it only needs one eighth of its members to be present – which is hardly an unreasonable standard


So this is what 'New Politics' looks like.

The Dáil was supposed to begin its business at 10.30am today, but as of 11.10am the Ceann Comhairle hadn't been able to kick things off – because only 16 TDs of a required 20 had shown up, including a measly three from the Government.

Low attendance rates have long blighted the lower house, with the usual excuses surrounding constituency work, official duties and so on being trotted out. And while these are often legitimate, this is taking things to an awfully piss-takey level.

Things eventually kicked off 40 minutes late

But not before a lot of people had time to get very, very annoyed

And even a bit of shade thrown between Joan Burton and fellow Labour member, Senator Kevin Humphreys

Which may have been a bit ill-advised from the former leader...

Glass houses, eh?

All in all, a pretty pathetic showing

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Written By

Aidan Coughlan