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07th Oct 2018

“Potentially Damaging Storm” Will Hit Ireland Next Week


“A potentially damaging” storm with gusts of up to 130km/h and heavy rain is set to hit Ireland next Friday.

Despite a relatively mild day today and a mild start to the week, Met Eireann has forecasted, “extremely unsettled with high volumes of rain possible, as well as very strong winds.”

According to Carlow Weather, Weather charts continue to show a potentially damaging storm on the charts for Friday. The intensity and path vary a little between models but there is general agreement that it will likely hit Ireland Friday. GFS has gusts of up to 130kmh along with heavy rain.”

“ECMWF has the system a little more intense with charts gusts in excess of 130kmh in southwest but widely hitting above 110kmh on all coasts. A little too far out to be worrying about the details but certainly, something to keep a close eye on!”

Carlow Weather also said that while it is too early to be definite, the storm headed our way could be called Storm Callum.

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