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18th Aug 2018

Someone Left A Nasty Surprise In The Referee’s Changing Room In A GAA Club


This is equally rank and hilarious.

The internet is always accused of bringing the worst out in people, so much so that a lot of people try to combat that by posting cute pictures and videos of animals in an effort to negate all the bad stuff on the web these days.

But, some days the internet will give you something that will make you want to laugh and vomit in equal measure. We love the internet for that.

Apparently, someone got lost or didn’t bother to find the toilet in Glenullin GAA club in Derry because they decided to take a s**t in the referee’s changing room.

Someone decided to share the moment of discovery and posted it on Twitter.

It reads, “Whoever done a shit in the referees changing room at Glenullin just before full-time needs a quare kicking!”

Now, all we want to know is why someone would do that? Did they not agree with the referee’s decision in a recent match? Were they just drunk and got confused?

Hopefully, the power of the internet will solve this mystery for us.

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