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07th Feb 2019

There’s Going To Be A Queue Out The Door For Aldi’s Mega-Cheap 24 Roses Deal

Darragh Berry

For the love of God, don’t be like me.

Don’t leave getting the Valentine’s flowers sorted until the last minute. You don’t need that panic in your life.

Get the flowers and the dinner sorted this week so you can have a bit of peace and ease before the big day.

Whatever you do for the dinner, Aldi has you sorted for the roses anyway.

This year’s Exquisite offering at Valentines is the Specially Selected Exquisite Showstopper.

A truly beautiful bouquet featuring 24 Madame Red roses, which are vibrant red flowers with a distinctive petal structure as they are grown above 3,000 metres in Kenya, can be yours for just €39.99.

12 roses can set you back as much as €70 so double that, you’re talking about paying €140 in a florist for these.

And they look just as good as anything that you’d get in a florist.

Roses Aldi Main

Here’s what else they have on offer:

  • Specially Selected A Touch of Romance €29.99 – These stunning bouquets feature a dozen ‘Ever Red’ roses with either Gypsophila or Longi Lily.
  • Specially A Gorgeous Gift €24.99 – A dozen ‘Monte Carlo’ roses which are deep red, complemented with Gypsophila Perfecta. Also featuring a teddy bear and gift card for your loved one.
  • Specially Selected From the Heart Bouquet €19.99 – This lovely bouquet is sure to be a hit this Valentine’s Day. It contains Red, White and Ping Spray roses. Complimented further by the additions of Gypsophila, Green Bell and a Glittered Heart Pack.
  • Specially Selected Romantic Roses €19.99 – A stunning bouquet consisting of ‘Madame Red’, ‘Senorita’ and ‘Memory’ roses.
  • Specially Selected A Scented Surprise Bouquet €14.99 – Show them you care with this classic combination of ‘Madame Red’ roses and Longi Lillies with Robusta
  • Valentine’s Tulips €5.99
  • Spring Delight €4.99
  • A Dozen Red Roses €3.99
  • Valentine’s Rose Cone €3.99

The products will be available in 137 Aldi stores nationwide from Monday, 11th February while stocks last.

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