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RTÉ Has Called For An Increase In The TV Licence Fee

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RTÉ Director General Dee Forbes has told the Oireachtas Committee on Communications, Climate Action, and Environment that she would like to see an increase in the TV licence fee.

Currently, the fee stands at €160 but Forbes said she would like to see it raised to €175.

She said:

“The current uncertainty around the TV licence fee system, both in its current performance and in how and when it might be reformed, are making it almost impossible for us at RTÉ – and those reliant on us – to plan for the next year ahead, let alone the next five years as is being expected by both our regulator and our department.

“If the TV licence fee had kept simply at pace with inflation since it was last raised – as it is supposed to do as set out in legislation – the TV licence today would be at €175 per household per year, or rather 47c a day.”

An extra 15 quid a year. What do ya make of that, folks? Let us know in the comments.

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