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20th Dec 2016

RTÉ Has Bizarrely Scrapped The Panel For Tomorrow’s Euros Quarter Final – And Replace It With Après Match


Well this is really, really odd.

RTÉ have opted to scrap the usual panel for tomorrow night’s Euro 2016 quarter-final between Belgium and Wales – and replace it with the team from Après Match.

Which, of course, is nothing new in and of itself: the comedy troupe regularly ‘takes over’ the coverage for the 3rd/4th place play-off match during World Cups.

But given that this match actually means something, the decision to scrap the analysis altogether seems very strange – and will not go down well with football fans, regardless of how frustrated they sometimes become with Dunphy and co.

More to the point, you have to wonder what it says about the importance of analysis to begin with – if it can be completely done away with for a match of such great importance, how important to RTÉ really believe it to be?

A very, very strange move…