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31st Aug 2018

RTÉ’s Biggest Mistake Can Never Ever Be Repaired It Seems

Darragh Berry

One of the biggest mistakes that RTÉ ever made brought a huge amount of upset to the GAA world but especially to Mickey Harte.

Harte’s feud with the National Broadcaster goes back to as far as 2011 when John Murray played a skit on the show pretending to be on the phone to Harte who requested a song called ‘The Little Girl From Omagh’.

Harte believed that the skit was inappropriate and insensitive as it followed the untimely death of his daughter, Michaela.

Since then, Tyrone GAA or Harte have not carried out any media work with RTÉ for the GAA season.

That boycott will continue on Sunday when they face The Dubs in the All-Ireland final, one that will feature no involvement from Dublin’s opposition.

Harte believes that the matter can never be resolved and speaking to The Irish Examiner, he said that:

“I’m not taking this as anything personal, really. It’s an institution that I’m against here.

“RTÉ to me as an entity is not something that I feel I have to be forgiving in any way towards. My challenge is that I don’t feel angst towards individuals, even the individual who did the skit bit.

“As a point of principle, as far as RTÉ is concerned, I am not speaking to them because they didn’t do the right thing at the right time.

“That’s history. That’s gone, that’s over. And it’s not a big deal. I’m just seeing this as a point of principle that I’m prepared to go with.”

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