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14th Jul 2018

VIDEO: The Ryanair Queues For Three Different Flights At Airport Are Absolutely Insane

Darragh Berry

Nothing is worse than a massive queue or delay while you’re waiting for your flight.

In the midst of talks about strikes and cancellations of flights, Ryanair’s name has popped up again on Saturday when they left passengers panicking as there was no staff around.

Mark Clelland took to Twitter and said:

“Ryanair here we are, one hour 30 mins before the gate shuts…. no counters open…. no staff anywhere…. Low Fares Made Simple? This isn’t simple at all!!!”

He then went on to take a video of the queues and they look fairly grim tbh:

There is throngs of people standing who are completely clueless as to what is going on.

Mark was flying from Lanzarote to Glasgow which was one of the flights and it is unsure what the other two flights were.