Horrific Ryanair Incident Was Caused After This Was Sucked Into The Engines, Report Finds

A scary incident


This Ryanair aircraft was close to a disaster when it slammed into a runway after something was sucked into the engines.

The horrific incident happened in as the Ryanair flight was landing at Ciampino Airport in Rome at 6.55am.

The incident took place in 2008 but the report took ten years to conduct.

It lost power and with 166 passengers and six crew onboard "the accident [was] caused by an unexpected loss of both engines thrust as a consequence of a massive bird strike, during the go-around manoeuvre.

“The loss of thrust has prevented the aircrew from performing a successful go around and has led the aircraft to an unstabilised runway contact.

“The following factors have contributed to the event: the inadequate effectiveness of bird control and dispersal measures put in place by the airport operator at the time of the accident;

“The captain decision to perform a go around, when the aircraft was at approximately 7 seconds from touchdown.”

“On first contact with the runway, which occurred with the main landing gear properly extended and with the lower part of the fuselage tail section, the main left landing gear detached from its anchoring during the landing run and the lower part of the left engine nacelle came into contact with the runway.”

“Two members of the crew and 6 passengers received minor injuries (back pain). The aircraft sustained substantial damage.”

You can read the full report here.

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