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08th Oct 2018

A New ‘Ryanair Flights’ Scam Is Doing The Rounds On Facebook

Kiara Keane

Thousands of people have been tricked into entering a fake Ryanair competition in the hopes of winning a free holiday.

A fake Ryanair Facebook page has been advertising a competition to win a pair of free flights to Bora Bora in French Polynesia – but the airline has confirmed it’s got nothing to do with them.

The fake ‘Ryanair Holidays’ page was only set up four days ago and isn’t verified, although it uses the same profile photo and name as the real page that’s run by the airline.

The scam holiday competition has already been liked and shared thousands of times in the past few days and the closing date has been changed multiple times – presumably in order to gain more likes.

It’s thought that someone set up the page with the intention of ‘like-farming’ in order to gain more followers and eventually sell the Facebook page to someone else.

A spokesperson for the budget airline told The Irish Mirror that the page “is not affiliated with Ryanair”.

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