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Video Shows Three Lads Cutting Up ‘Lines Of White Powder’ On Ryanair Plane To Ibiza

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In an exclusive to The Sun, a video has been released which shows three men cutting up lines of ‘white powder’ on a Ryanair flight.

The flight that the three British lads were on was heading to Ibiza and it is being alleged that they cut the powder up in front of an air steward on the plane.

The powder was cut up with a credit card and was resting on a folded down tray table.

“Got a few lines racked up and ready to go,” states one of the men before the air steward returns with their drinks order.

One of the men allegedly asks the air steward: “D’you want a line? D’you want a line, bud,” but the offer is declined.

They are served their drinks and it is being claimed that nothing was said about the substance.

It has not been confirmed what the white powder is and at no point are the men filmed taking it.

A spokesperson for Ryanair told Lovin Media Group that:

“We don’t comment on unverified social media videos.”

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