Amazingly Lucky Kilkenny Lady Scoops Second Big Lotto Win In Ten Years

What are the chances?


We only want to win once... is that too much to ask for?

A lucky Kilkenny lady has picked up her SECOND big National Lottery win in ten years today.

Susan Grace (40) from Thomastown travelled to Lotto HQ today to collect a cheque for a whopping €50,000 - a prize won on a €5 Bingo Times 10 scratch card.

Susan told The Irish Sun: “I feel like the luckiest woman in Ireland. I don’t play scratch cards all that often, so I guess I am just very lucky.

“My mother bought me the Bingo Times 10 scratch card last week as a treat and I think she feared the worst as I started screaming the house down when I’d realised I’d won the €50,000 top prize!”

Back in 2007 Susan won €50,000 on RTE One's Winning Streak.

Susan went on: “€50,000 is an incredible amount of money, and to win this amount a second time is like a dream.

“Winning €50,000 on the Winning Streak gameshow was truly life-changing for our family as it gave us the freedom to make a lot of improvements in our lives.

“I have a wonderful family behind me so I will be sharing this win with my mother and my brothers and sisters.”

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Written By

Megan Cassidy