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06th Dec 2017

‘Sidebarring’ Is The Rudest Social Trend We’re All Guilty Of Doing


You’re at a party with your friends, and some guy you can’t stand is shiting on about his recent performance at a GAA match. Yawn. So what do you do? Stand politely and listen to him in the group, or do you secretly WhatsApp your mate beside you to have a good bitch about him on the sly?

If it’s the latter (and we all know it’s gonna be the latter), then you my friend, are guilty of ‘sidebarring’.

Sidebar conversations – the secret non-verbal chats we have on our phones whilst in meetings, at dinners, watching TV shows – are on the rise, and they’re REALLY rude.

People are having these conversations on the sly at nearly every social gathering recently 

At dinner with friends? Chances are at least two people are having a separate convo on their phones. 

A recent report from Facebook found that 71% of people are guilty of sidebarring, with millennials the biggest culprits. 

You might think you’re being discreet, but trust us: people know when you’re having a joke that they’re not involved in, and it looks seriously rude. 

While Facebook apparently learned that the “sidebar” is drawing more people together, facilitating close relationships and promoting intimacy, it’s exclusive and unnecessary. 

Save the bitchy private chats for later, please.

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