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18th Jul 2018

PICS: This Sign About Confession In An Irish Church Is Class


Only in Ireland.

The Catholic Church, for better or worse, is synonymous with a lot of Irish culture and stereotypes.

From “Catholic guilt”, to blessing yourself when you see a funeral, it’s fair to say that whether you’re deeply religious or not, some things still become ingrained.

Confession is one of the best things about Catholicism in our opinion.

You get to talk about all the things you’ve done or said that might be bothering you and you’ll be listened to and then you’re told to pray and say sorry and you’re forgiven.

For many people, this act of unburdening themselves is really cathartic and something they look forward to once a week or every couple of weeks.

So, the last thing you need is someone telling you exactly what you can and can’t confess, but that’s exactly what this church did.

We’re gonna guess that seeing this message just before going in to unburden your soul isn’t cathartic at all. In fact, it’s probably a little off putting.

We shudder to think what happens if it goes past 5:30 pm.

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