WATCH: Health Minister Simon Harris Was "Trapped Inside His Home" By These Protestors Today

His wife, his three-week old child and him were left prisoners in their own home

Simon Harris April

Minister for Health Simon Harris was left trapped inside his home on Sunday by "anti-austerity" protestors.

The protestors gathered outside his Wicklow home where the Minister, his wife and his three-week-old baby were staying.

The protests ended shortly after it was reported to the Gardaí and the Minister thanked the Gardaí for ensuring his wife and daughter's safety during the ordeal.

Minister Harris and his wife Caoimhe welcomed Saoirse into the world towards the end of January.

Gardaí confirmed that enquiries regarding the protests will be carried out.

Fingal Battalion Direct Action Group posted a video outside the Minister's home at the protests.

They said that they were "outside the the home of minister of health Simon Harris. Since been giving this position he has completely neglected it."

"He’s not even qualified for this job we’re all aware of the smear test scandal, thousands patients on trolleys, medical cannabis bill, the extravagant costs of the new children’s hospital and the Nurses strike. Who we fully support. Simon is part of Fine Gael party the same party who voted for the eviction bill to be signed. And are aware of the hundreds of people that are sleeping on our streets every night Today we launch the campaign #bringittotheirdoors. We urge all groups all over Ireland to get Involved. It can be your local TD, councillors sheriffs judges anybody the played apart in bringing austerity, corruption, evictions on the people of Ireland."

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