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20th Dec 2016

Sinn Féin Has Called For A Vote On A United Ireland After Brexit Passes


The United Kingdom will be leaving the European Union very soon following the Brexit vote yesterday.

The Leave side amassed 17,410,742 votes, from over 382 constituencies.

According to The Journal, there was a total voter turnout of 72.2%, with the likes of Northern ireland and Scotland voting to remain in the EU.

Scottish politicians have already suggested a second independence referendum, while Sinn Féin have requested a border poll in Northern Ireland.

“We have a situation where the north is going to be dragged out on the tails of a vote in England… Sinn Fein will now press our demand, our long-standing demand, for a border poll”

Declan Kearney, Sinn Fein’s national chairman

As part of Brexit, customs barriers may be installed between Northern Ireland and the Republic to regulate trading.

More as we have it.