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28th Sep 2018

PIC: This Massive Snake That Was Found On The Loose In An Irish Park That Gardaí Had To Deal With Is Up For Sale Now

Darragh Berry

This is interesting stuff, the public were warned not to approach the snake.

Gardaí were called to a park in North Leitrim where a python was spotted on the loose in July in Kinlough Park and it turns out that the same snake has gone on sale.

Donegal ISPCA has said that the snake is now looking for a new home.

Penelope the Python was on the run…is run the right word? for about a week before she was caught.

Here’s what she looked like in the park, whatever mad eejit stayed around to take the photo…

Snake Irish Park

The three-year-old snake was brought to a reptile centre in Letterkenny where her health was monitored for weeks before it was decided that she could go to a new home.

She is described as “friendly and social” and is also a whopping meter in length.

ISPCA Senior Inspector Kevin McGinley said: “It is important that this python goes to an experienced reptile keeper.

“We rescued a few snakes that were on the loose this summer, and would like to remind the public that these reptiles make great escape artists. Please make sure their enclosures are secure, and please don’t deliberately release them.”

Royal Pythons like Penelope can live for up to 20 years and are non-venomous.

If interested you can contact ISPCA Donegal Animal Rehabilitation Centre on 074 91 52360 or email [email protected].

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