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Sports Nutrition And Fitness With Dr Brendan Egan

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Those of you who have been keeping up with Lovin.ie’s podcast The Forty-Five will have already heard plenty of stories and opinions from the world of GAA courtesy of Eamon Fennell, Ross McConnell and their string of guests.


This week though, the lads have gone down a slightly different road by welcoming Dr. Brendan Egan, a former inter-county footballer for Sligo and now Associate Professor of Sport and Exercise Physiology at DCU.

Brendan was quizzed on a number of topics as our listeners were provided with plenty of nutrition tips, whether they play a field sport or just want to live a healthier life.

One such issue was how to cure a hangover and while, much to Eamon’s disappointment, Brendan implied there is no magic formula he did offer some advice on how to minimise the effects from the night before….

“I do think it’s important to recover froma night out with some form of exercise.

The risk is greater because if you’re lacking co-ordination and if you’re dehydrated, the risks of injury are a little bit higher. I would never recommend doing something really intense the day after.

But if you can get out for even a low-intensity walk for half an hour just to get your body moving, it’s usually a good way to stimulate blood flow and begin the recovery process.

After that a lot of it is to do with rehydration. You do crave sugary and salty foods which cause a problem so there needs to be a bit of discipline.”

Yo can listen to the Ross and Eamon’s fascinating chat with Dr. Egan in full below.

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