Conor McGregor To Star In The Next Call Of Duty Game – A World First For MMA!

Roll on, November 4!

Conor Mcgregor

The Notorious McGregor has just taken to his social media channels to announce the news that he's the first MMA fighter in history to be immortalised in a Call of Duty game.

McGregor will have a character in the latest addition to the CoD arsenal, Infinite Warfare, released on November 4.

Before you think he's doing it for the honour of it all, mind you, note the presence of the hashtag #ad – on both Facebook and Twitter announcements of the news. 

Looks like there's some serious cashola being handed over in a deal that will see McGregor making his acting debut – but when you're worth €20 million, what's another few hundred grand, right?

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Rosemary MacCabe