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“When We Won Leinster We Were On The Beer For Four Days” – Demands On GAA Players Have Changed Dramatically

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As Dublin go in search of four-in-a-row next weekend, they so in the face of jibes about being a professional outfit in all but name.

Are the accusations justified? In the latest episode of The Forty-Five podcast, which can be found below, Eamon Fennell and Ross McConnell discuss the differences in representing The Dubs in the 2000s to the present day, with Fennell recalling how the team celebrated winning the Leinster Championship in 2005.

“When we talk about the demands on the players now, after we won our first Leinster in 2005, I think we were on the beer for four days.

“The culture was a lot different. There’s a certain amount of commitment that has taken over and the enjoyment has probably suffered as a result.”

This week, the lads are joined by Eamonn ‘Leper’ Callaghan and you can listen to the whole discussion on how the demands on inter-county players have changed as well life after retirement below.

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