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30th Aug 2018

This One Simple Lifestyle Change Will Help You Get A Better Sleep According To An Expert

James Fenton

If you regularly get the recommended eight hours of sleep under your belt at night but still feel groggy the next day, there might be one simple lifestyle change you need to make.

Dr. Brendan Egan, a guest on the latest enlightening episode of The Forty-Five,’s GAA podcast, filled hosts Eamon Fennell and Ross McConnell in on a number of topics including how to get a good night’s sleep, what takeaways are most suitable for athletes, and hangover cures that are best for minimising the effects of the night before.

Asked by Eamon if there is anything to be done to get a better sleep, Brendan said:

“It’s all about sleep hygiene and routine. The most reliable way to get a good night’s sleep is to have a good routine.

“Not having a phone in your bedroom, not having a TV in your bedroom. Make sure the room is the right temperature.

“You need good bed linen and good quality bed.”

Dr. Egan recommended one simple way of getting a better sleep by adding:

“One of the things that people swear by is having a hot bath or a hot shower before bedtime because the change in body temperature immediately to bed is something that can bring on sleep.”

So there you have. Fire up the hot water before you go to bed and your body will thank you in the morning.

You can listen to the latest episode of The Forty-Five in full below.

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