Retribution In Rio: Annalise Murphy Just Doubled Our 2016 Medal Haul By Sailing To A Silver

SCENES as we win our first sailing medal in 36 years


Well, we needed this.

After the utter bullshit surrounding Michael Conlon's ludicrous defeat this afternoon, a nation held its breath as we waited for Annalise Murphy to take to the waters – and after her horribly unlucky fourth-place finish in 2012, our nerves were all the more shot.

But we needn't have worried!

After starting in the bronze medal position, Annalise had it all to do today – in order to keep herself from slipping off the podium, and particularly if she wanted to step up a position.

But she did...

... and the people of Ireland could hardly have been happier

Well done, Annalise!

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Written By

Aidan Coughlan