These People Are All Convinced That 'Tweeting Too Much' Caused Paddy Barnes To Lose

Because that's how sport works, didn't you know?


Ah, the age-old rush to assign blame to something completely arbitrary when something doesn't go your way.

We see it all the time – but for some reason, when things go slightly awry on a sporting stage, it rears its ugly head even more prominently. From out-of-position defenders to from off-the-pitch tabloid attention, there's always something.

And today, in the wake of Paddy Barnes's exit from the Olympics at the hands of Samuel Heredia, it's followed the expected pattern... albeit with a somewhat ridiculous scapegoat.

Barnes, widely regarded as a bit of a hero on social media (not least for his constant taunting of Olympic absentee Rory McIlroy) has been rounded upon for "tweeting too much" in the lead-up to today's fight.

And social media's armchair army have come out in force to condemn him...

Thankfully the backlash is somewhat more eloquent... and hilarious

And this one, once again from Alan Maguire, perhaps nails it better than all the others combined...


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