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11th Oct 2017

90s Kids Rejoice – Tamagotchi Are Making A Comeback For Christmas


Nowadays both adults and children cannot be separated from their phones. We take them absolutely everywhere with us including the toilet, bed and to the dinner table.

Well anybody who grew up in the 90s already knew that feeling from carrying their Tamagotchi around. For those unfamiliar with the trend they were virtual pets you had to look after, “feed” and entertain for risk of them dying. 

They were a nightmare for teachers and parents alike.

The new Tamagotchi will be released on the 5th of November and is a slimmed down version which actually comes with less features than the original…

Screen Shot 2017 10 11 At 08 33 44

In the new version you’ll have to look after them when they are not well, clean up their poop, turn the lights off when they need to sleep and other equally ridiculous yet amusing actions. 

The screen is still poorly lit, the three home buttons are there and everybody will quickly remember the game play…

Screen Shot 2017 10 11 At 08 38 32

They go on sale from the 5th November and are reasonably priced compared to modern day electronics at €15.

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