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Temperatures In Ireland Will Hit A Scorching 23 Degrees Today

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Jaysus, lads. What did we do to deserve this? Not only is it a long weekend but the weather has been exceptionally good to us so far. Yesterday, the factor 50 was being splashed on pasty Irish skin all over the country and the good news is that things are going to get better. 

While Saturday reached the 21 degrees mark, Met Éireann is predicted that the mercury will rise to 23 on Sunday afternoon AKA it’s gonna be feckin’ boiling. 

Here’s what the experts have to say:

‘Low cloud and fog will continue to lift this morning and it will be warm and sunny for much of the country today with highs of 18 to 23 degrees in light breezes. Western and southern coastal areas will continue to remain cooler and cloudier.’

Better still, the fine weather is set to continue on Monday before taking a turn for the worse on Tuesday. But we’re all back to work then, so big whoop. 

A detailed outlook on the weather is available here

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