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15th Aug 2020

Temperatures to hit 25 degrees in parts of the country today

Sarah Finnan


“God, it’s very close, isn’t it?” – every Irish person across the country right now. You’re not wrong though, it is very close and things are only going to get hotter still as Met Éireann has predicted highs of 25 degrees today. Sure, we’re not cut out for it at all.

Patches of mist and fog will clear this morning giving way to a mild, humid and mostly cloudy day. Showers will affect parts of Munster and south Leinster, becoming heavy in places.

According to Met Éireann, showers will extend over much of the southern half of the country and Connacht this afternoon bringing the risk of thundery downpours with them. Ulster and north Leinster will be mainly dry with sunny spells and temperatures are expected to reach highs of 20 to 25 degrees.

Things won’t cool down much overnight either so make sure you have the summer duvet to hand. Showers will continue in Munster and south Leinster, later moving in from the east over parts of Leinster and east Ulster. Conditions will again be mild and humid with temperatures of 13 to 16 degrees.

Sunday will be “not quite as warm as recent days”, though temperatures will still range from 18 to 22 degrees. Met Éireann forecasts that it will be mildest in the west with light easterly breezes.

And you can expect much of the same next week as well. How does one dress for the weather these days? I never seem to get it right.

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