Tesco And Dunnes Stores Are Recalling These Popular Products For Safety Reasons

If you've recently purchased any of these, return them immediately

Supermarket Trolley

Tesco and Dunnes Stores have just issued a recall notice for 10 different Glanbia products.

So if you’ve recently bought any of the Avonmore soups listed below, you’ll need to return them to the store as soon as possible - and do not consume them.

According to the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI), it’s ‘due to the possible presence of small pieces of blue plastic’.

The FSAI released a statement which said, ‘As a precautionary measure, Glanbia is recalling two production dates of its Avonmore fresh soup range.’

They added, 'In-store notices requesting customers who have bought the implicated batches to return them to the store are being displayed by Dunnes Stores and Tesco Stores.’

Avonmore Soups

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