The Disney 'Chip Purse' Is Now Available In Penneys

Praise be...

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Honestly, when we heard 'chip purse' we thought 'that'd be dead handy for carrying the three-in-one home from the Chinese.'

It appears it has a completely different meaning though. 

Last month, in conjunction with the release of Beauty And The Beast in cinemas, Primark UK announced they were selling purses in the shape of popular character, Chip.

It's safe to say people over there flipped the lid a little bit. Alas, the product wasn't initially made available in Ireland. Until now. 

It turns out people are excited.

In even better news, the coveted products only cost €6 so you'll have plenty of change left over to stuff into your new purse. 

Now if you'll excuse us, we're all off to Penneys.

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