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06th Jan 2017

The Irish Blood Transfusion Service Shared This Amazing Message From The Parent Of A Sick Child

Alana Laverty

Donating blood and platelets can be one of the most worthwhile and valuable deeds a person ever does in their life. 

And this heart-warming message from the parent of a sick child to the Irish Blood Transfusion Service confirms just how important it is…

“To the person out there who took time out of their day to donate platelets which went to St John’s ward, Crumlin, you are the reason my child has gone from a sick very tired little girl back to her usual lovely self in 24 hours and we can rescue what is left of Christmas. Thank you whoever you are.” 

Ever mulled over donating?

This should convince you plenty

You could literally be saving someone’s day, week, month, year or even their life. 

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