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11th Dec 2017

Public Transport Is About To Get Way Less Stressful Thanks To Google Maps


If you’ve ever missed your stop on the train because you feel asleep or got off at the wrong bus stop because you had no idea how far down the road you were (the worst!),  a update from Google Maps will be your BFF. 

The update, which has no release date yet but is expected to very soon, according to Tech Crunch, will give you live guidance and interactive real-time notifications throughout your journey.

The updated will appear in the Google Maps app and more than likely on your lock screen, so you can track exactly where you along the bus or train route – something which previously users would have to manually try to do themselves on regular online maps.

Best bit? The app will even send you a notification reminds to get off your bus or train once you begin to get close to your stop. 


Header image: Worawee Meepian /

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