There Was A Huge Spike In UK Searches For 'What Is The EU' – After The Result Was Announced

Ah here


Brexit is starting to look increasingly like the biggest post-sesh hangover of all time.

A moment of madness, followed by painful, sober reflection – and repeated utterances of the question: WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING?

And while we've seen plenty of TV interviews with Leave voters who 'didn't think it would actually turn out that way', none of those little anecdotal tidbits quite compare to this:

There was a massive spike in searches for the term 'What Is The EU'... 

From the UK – in the hours after the result was announced yesterday morning.

After. The. Result.

The search term peaked at 7.30am, just as the world woke up to the biggest national cock-up since... well, ever.


Interestingly, the most searches came from Wales and England – the two regions that voted Leave – while Scotland and Northern Ireland, who voted Remain, didn't seem to feel as much of a need to do some post-vote research.


Oh dear.

Step forward, Mr Bluth...


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Aidan Coughlan