These 5 Questions Reveal How Good You Are At Being In A Relationship

How do you score on this short test?

Good Couple

Ever wonder if you're actually any good at being in a relationship? Well, now you can take a test to find out.

Put together by psychologist Ben Ambridge in his book Psy-Q and published in The Guardian, the test measures the most important feature for a long-lasting relationship: conscientiousness.

That mightn't sound like a particularly important trait, but it seems that people look for someone who'll keep their promises, do their bit around the house, stay faithful to them or forgive their own transgressions, and remember special occasions.

Ask yourself the following five questions and rate yourself on a scale of 1 (not at all) to 5 (very much) to see how you fare:

1. Pay attention to detail?

2. Get chores done straightaway?

3. Like order?

4. Follow a schedule?

5. Ensure that you're always well-prepared?

If you scored 21-25 you're very conscientious, 16-20 you're somewhat conscientious, and 15 or less not particularly conscientious. 

How did you score?

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