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23rd Nov 2017

These Are The Areas In Ireland With The Highest And Lowest Levels Of Education


Ireland is often named as having one of the most educated populations within Europe, but does that fairly represent all the areas across Ireland?

The Irish Independent reports that there’s actually quite a difference between education levels across the country, according to data from the latest Census report on Education, Skills and the Irish language.

The most educated area in Ireland is in fact Dun-Laoghaire-Rathdown, which officially has the highest rates of completed third-level education in Ireland with a total of 61.1% of its population having a third-level degree.

Galway City came in second with 55.2%, with Dublin City and Fingal coming joint-third at 48.7%.

As for the areas with the lowest education levels? That’s a tie between Longford and Wexford, which has just 32.5% population with a third-level degree.

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