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12th Dec 2017

Four Irish Children Hospitalised Following Breakout of Highly Contagious Disease


A bout of Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease has seen at least four children hospitalised in Galway city, according to the Connaught Tribune.

The disease is highly contagious and can be spread through sneezing and coughing, and is most commonly contracted by children under the age of 10, although teenagers and adults can also be affected. 

According to the HSE, the disease is generally mild and doesn’t last long. It also usually doesn’t need treatment because it is caused by a virus called the coxsackie A virus, meaning it can’t be treated by antibiotics.


The disease gets its name from the rash that develops on the hands and feet, as well as in between the fingers and toes of those affected.

It can also cause ulcers in the mouth, making it difficult to eat, drink or swallow.

The initial symptoms of the disease include a sore throat, loss of appetite, a fever, and the appearance of red spots in the mouth, throat and skin. 

If a child is diagnosed with the disease, it is advised that they stay home until they have fully recovered. Thoroughly washing hands before and after making contact with people or objects is also recommended. 

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