This Ice Cream Truck In Derry Got Itself Into A Little Bit Of A Fix Yesterday

He got 99 problems


Our admiration for the ice cream men and women of the world knows no bounds.

For not only do they provide us with sweet, flaky relief in those rare times when the sunshine gets a little bit overwhelming – but, as per the sacred ice cream code, they don't desert their posts until every single 99 has been served up to the hungry masses.

Even when that means risking their own necks, as this incident shows.

It all started when the tide came in a little bit faster than expected

But thankfully, as captured by the BBC's Barra Best, the community were on hand to help.

Even their collective strength wasn't enough, however

So the problem was solved in the most Irish way of all – with a tractor.

And worst of all?

It could have been avoided with the use of marvellous modern technolod

Food for thought, dear ice cream vendors of this fine land.

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Written By

Aidan Coughlan